Jjba Vs Rwby

Death Battles under construction for 3 years. Welcome to CartoonCrazy. Yang vs Leone (RWBY vs Akame Ga Kill!) Blake vs Mikasa (RWBY vs Attack on Titan) Cervantes vs Spinal (Soul Calibur vs Killer Instinct) Jotaro vs Kenshiro (JJBA vs. All of them are bloodlusted. It currently has eight Parts and two different timelines. God, I'm just pumping out RWBY mashups left and right these days, apparently. com/-Rs4r2zP42vo/W7otlL6gdFI/AAAAAAAACjs/MQZfA_Oyto0sA2oSVL_R. The specific abilities and their strengths differ from individual to individual and are dependent on a number of factors, such as experience, training, and innate skill. This is the first release of the SMvC screen pack ever. Even though Yang could stand some punches of star platinum, she still wouldn't see joataro's standand if it's Star platinum ZA WARUDO we are talking about, Yang has no chance against Jotaro, but since he does not kill because he wants to (making some exeptions), i guess thye could become very good buddies, also, it would be very interesting to see Jotaro suddenly in the RWBY universe. 'JoJo vs RWBY' themed Death Battles.